venerdì 23 marzo 2007

Why the world do/doesn't need Smallville.

Why the world needs Smallville:
  • because the Man of Steel is still the Man of Steel;
  • because there's Allison Mack. I adore Allison Mack;
  • because Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor gives several enjoyable performances. It's not easy being compared with Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey and not coming off with all broken bones. We can forget John Shea with a smile, in the end;
  • because Tom Welling is not so bad;
  • because the red kryptonite is really, really, really cool;

Why the world doesn't need Smallville:
  • because the directing is absolutely kind of amatorial; every dialogue is introduced by a character close to the camera and another character that, besides tha fact he's entered in someone else's house without being saw or heard (nobody lock doors in Smallville), appears behind him, like in an Argentinian telenovela;
  • because Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) is as stunning beatiful, as horrendously useless. She's probably been for 70-90 times the "damsel in peril": Lana, are you dumb?? Everything is a possible minion to you! Stay at home, damnit! (Let's not talk about the dozen of episodes when she's got temporary super-powers...)
  • because the French-witch storyline in the 4th season was Charmed with different characters;
  • beacuse Tom Welling is not so bad, but now it's more thirty years old than sixteen...
  • because we won't ever see Bruce Wayne or Wonderwoman. The closer we get to it it's the Justice-not-so-League-without-Batman-and-Wonderwoman -aka-Superman-and-his-SuperFriends.

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AIO ha detto...

I like your blog, but you need to advert it!
Your post are very interesting, intelligent and ironic, ma te posso scrivere in italiano nei commenti o no? :P
Ce se vede.
Kristin Kreuk è bona ma la serie ha il neo che è tipo Sailor Moon, succedono ciclicamente le stesse cazzabubbole.

Gabriele "Jeg" Riva-Benzo ha detto...

puoi scrivere in veneto, se vuoi proprio un linguaggio dello Stivale.

yngnrjnwrrnrynwr ha detto...

Ne ho visto due serie intere solo per la Kreuk... :D