venerdì 9 marzo 2007

First Fists of the Fitful Firths

I've always hated blogs.

There's no logical reasons, it's kinda a factual prejudice: bloggers are people who aren't able to set up a website; bloggers are people who believe to be bigger, or smarter, or more interesting than they actually are; the most read italian blog is made by a chronic conspiracy-theorist; to not talk about the thousands of thousands of boring teens with their trifles.

I don't want to be like them. Or, in better words, I don't want to feel like them.

Why am I writing a blog, then?

First of all, keep clear in your mind that I'm writing for me. You are not an high priorioty, at all.
I believe that within a fist of years, it shall be interesting to me reading what I was artistically thinking. For example, I would like to have written a blog in the lycaeum's years; in three years we (me and my friends) crossed the entire story of european literature, theathre and philosophy.
But, this doesn't mean that I won't be polite to whom will read the blog. Politeness doesn't mean fan-service (may I use this word despite I haven't "fans" yet?).
Like the kingian definition of a non-commercial writer, It's just that I won't write what I may think you want, I'll write what I (think I) want.

In second place, I must get some practice with my english, so if I make grammatical or synthaxical mistakes, correct me without any minimal mercy. Because a good english is necessary; in my opinion, a person must know three languages: his own mother tongue, for easily arguible reasons; english, beacuse is the only global language (French and Chinese have to learn it, too); latin, beacuse it has been the global language for fifteen centuries (it can be applied also on the ancient greek, but it's more difficult to learn, and it dosn't use our alphabet).

But, like Zero infamously said in Megaman X4, what am I "fighting for" (better: "fooOOooOOrrrh...")? What shall you read in this blog?

I will talk about my interests, my thoughts about art: literature (of the last thirty-one centuries), cinematography (of the last hundred and a fist of years) videoludic (of the last... ok, I'll stop), music (I will write less about that, because i'm not very well up in that subject), philosophy and some other things more. But I don't aim to be encycopledicly complete; the other site that I write on (in italian, this time) already aims to be the most exhaustive critic (not cryptic) source about one matter (videoludica, in this example). One try at one time is enough.
By the way, you can infer the next two topics by the two images I've posted in this message.

Because, as Seneca said "
O quam contempta res est homo, nisi supra humana surrexerit".

And, I think you wanna raise. I do.

Let's just try.

Oh, I am such an abstent-minded, I was forgetting the most important thing in an opening: savoury biscuits.

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FIGUS ha detto...

Mannaggia, vediamo cosa scriverai nei prossimi post!

Ti correggo senza pietà:
ona meatter
Era forse "one matter"?

Dove diamine è il link a :D
Ciao, continua così! (però dai, fai un blog bilingue, o proprio non te ne frega di farti capire da chi capisce solo l'italiano?)


Gabriele "Jeg" Riva-Benzo ha detto...

"the other site that I write on (in italian, this time) already aims to be the most exhaustive critic (not cryptic) source about one matter"


motorpsycho nightmare ha detto...

Ma perchè non un blog interamente in latino?

Questa sì che sarebbe una vera sfida...

Beh, almeno ci sono i biscotti, slurp!


paulmuni ha detto...

Cool! Mi piace il nome "Elivagar"...fa molto condottiero gallico! La scelta dell'inglese è ambiziosa ma non invita i pigri visitatori italiani a lasciare commenti. Ma JEG è un po' come dire IBM(o HAl?!)...deve essere internazionale! A partire dal prossimo commento scriverò in inglese e così avrò modo pure di esercitarmici. Alla prossima!

paulmuni ha detto...

Paul Muni Alias Belle (nel caso non si fosse capito)

Anonimo ha detto...

La ringrazio per Blog intiresny